About The Shout

Hey there! My name is Trevor Bryan, and I’m an Advertising and Public Relations student at Grand Valley State University.

I’m enthralled with everything strategic communications and blog about industry related news, personal experiences, and other findings i.e. whatever tickles my fancy once my fingers strike the keys.

If you know me, you know I’m packed full of passion, and sometimes that passion can crank up the volume of both my voice and actions. That’s why I started writing The Shout; I’m channeling my booming being into blogging.

This isn’t the only spot you can read up on my thoughts; check out the other blogs that I’ve contributed to! As a member of Grand Valley’s PRSSA, I write on the happenings of the chapter. I’m also the Executive Director at GrandPR, where you’ll find me working with clients and blogging more about industry related news.

Thanks for checking out my site, and no, there are no complementary earplugs.